About Petter Bergander

Petter Bergander was brought up in the small Swedish town Flen south of Stockholm. There, at an auction in his local church community hall, he played his first gig at the age of 10. Born in 1973, he belongs to that generation of Swedish musicians who also got an early access to instruments and practice venues through the open music schools funded by local government, Kommunala Musikskolan. Invited by a teacher to take part in once-a-week lunchtime jams, Petter made the discovery of his life: jazz.

The piano had just revealed itself as his instrument. Some years earlier, he had still been fighting with his best friend and bandmate over who would get to play the drums. It was not until he layed eyes on a Philips Philicordia electric organ and tried it, that he realised he wanted to play a keyboard instrument. The electronic influence has followed Petter through his career as one of the top piano players in Swedish music life. Among those he has been touring most frequently with are Louise Hoffsten, blues singer and harmonica player, trombonist Nils Landgren, soul/funk artist Kaah and singer-songwriter Amanda Jenssen.

After attending the Norrköping music high-school, Petter continued at the jazz program at Skurup folk high-school and then studied at the african-american music program of the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. It was where he first met another close colleague of later years, bandoneon player Mikael Augustsson. Together they were members of Criminal Tango, a group playing Argentinian tango and touring around Sweden and Europe.
At the same time he was aquainted with Kaah, rising star of the budding Swedish soul, r’n’b and hiphop scene. It was during the early Kaah tours around the millenium that Petter began to really exeperiment with mixing piano and electric piano with samplers and synthesizers, under the nickname Professor P in the band called Jideblaskos. Besides being the backing band for Kaah, they also gave their own widely acclaimed live gigs at nightclub Mosebacke in Stockholm.

For many of the Jideblaskos members, a period of touring and recording with major Swedish pop artists began. Petter was hired by singer and musical artist Peter Jöback for his big summer tour. He has since then played with artists like Lena Philipsson, Louise Hoffsten, Veronica Maggio, Jasmine Kara, Pauline Kamusewu, Magnus Uggla, Lisa Nilsson, Lagaylia Frazier and Amanda Jenssen. With Louise Hoffsten he has continued to work for numerous tours and he also appears on her album På andra sidan Vättern. Petter appears on all of Amanda Jenssens albums and has been playing live with her since her first nation-wide tour in 2007. He is still playing with Kaah and is a co-producer on his latest album Matcha din look.

During many years Petter has also worked closely together with Swedish jazz singer-songwriter Sofia Pettersson. He appears on her albums Slow Down, That’s Amore, Still Here and In Another World. In 2010 they wrote and recorded the duo album Det Liknar Ingenting with folk-tune jazz in the Swedish language. Petter has also co-written songs with Amanda Jenssen, Kaah and Pauline Kamusewu.
In 2011 he received a one-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and began a period of composing and pausing some of his pop-oriented work to become more involved in the Swedish jazz scene again.

He played and recorded with his friend and fellow Jideblasko, guitarist Andy P and also joined the world-famous Swedish trombone player and artistic director Nils Landgren as keyboardist in the Nils Landgren Funk Unit.

In 2014 he formed the Petter Bergander Trio together with bass player Martin Höper and drummer Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz to record The Grand Dance. It is Petter Bergander’s debut album as a solo artist and was released in Sweden in 2015. Release in the rest of Europe in 2016.